Who is Anthony Savage & Why Did Joined Nextfly Web Design?

Who is Anthony Savage

Who is Anthony Savage?

I just wanted to give you all a brief introduction to myself and let you know some of the major developments that have happened recently. So who is Anthony Savage? What does he do? Why am I reading this? To start off, I am the designer of everything that you see on this website. This is not only my portfolio site but a way for me to sell a lot of the designs that I’ve accumulated over the years that I haven’t had anywhere to showcase them. This website means a lot to me and I will be continuing to add new products, blogs, and possibly grow this into something more than just a portfolio with a shop.

Now you’re probably still wondering “Who is Anthony Savage?” and I’ll go into further detail now of some things about me, my career, and how I got here. So I’m from Franklin, Indiana which is about 30 minutes south of Indianapolis. I got started in graphic and web design by being part of the local music community. I’d played in a few bands, also had several friends playing in other bands, and became known for designing flyers, websites, logos and other graphics for bands. As it became more apparent that being a musician wasn’t a viable career choice I decided to go to school and develop my skills more. I graduated from Ivy Tech Community College in 2012 with an Associate’s degree in Visual Communications.

While at Ivy Tech I interned at EmployIndy working on their Business Development email newsletter and developing content for future campaigns. I’ve spent the better part of the last decade working as a Graphic Designer for designiQ. While there I worked on digital advertisements, marketing emails, and landing page designs. Next, I spent a year working at Reynold Farm Equipment as a Digital Marking Specialist where I worked on everything from t-shirt designs for the state fair to relaunching/rebranding their e-commerce parts website. I then went back to designiQ for a couple of years before recently starting at Nextfly Web Design where I am project managing client websites, social media, and blogs. All while maintaining this website and growing this further.

Why leave designiQ?

Now I want to explain to you all a little more about why I decided to leave designiQ to join Nextfly and give you some info about the company. I have spent a lot of time and energy at designiQ, 6 years to be exact, and ultimately I do not think I was getting what I needed from the job and the company. I just was not happy with what I was doing. Not only that, but things weren’t going well. Gannett, the parent company of designiQ, had been the center of several rumors about buyouts to some very unsavory companies. Suddenly that stability that I felt had was gone and I realized that at that moment I had the opportunity to go do something better.

Why Nextfly Web Design?

Nextfly is a web design firm located in Fishers, Indiana and they do work for a wide variety of businesses in the area. They do everything from web design to SEO page building. They’re a firmly established company with a fairly large amount of clients.

Nextfly had an opening for a WordPress developer a while back and I had applied for it because development is something that I love doing and just don’t get a lot of experience doing. Ultimately that first contact didn’t turn into me getting hired. A few months later when I really started the job search they approached me about the job as a project manager. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to do website work other than doing just my own.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this little look into my world and that you have the answer to the question of who is Anthony Savage. I’m excited to continue growing this site and whatever the future holds for mynameissavage.com. Thanks for looking!

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