How Much Should You Spend On A Website?

How Much Should You Spend On Your Website? As a freelance designer and project manager at a web design firm, I have gotten the question frequently. The answer is not as simple as you think it is. There isn’t a magical number that I can give you. Every website is different, so every website’s costs will be different. I can, however, give you a general idea about the costs of making a few types of sites.

How Much Should You Spend On Your Website?

So, How Much Should You Spend On Your Website?

That depends on how in depth your site needs to be. Here’s a couple types of websites, different ways they could be built, and my estimates of the costs.

Custom Ecommerce Sites

Say you’re a carpenter and you build custom furniture, and you want to sell these on a website of your own. You probably don’t want a templated site, and you need a functionality that you cannot get from SquareSpace or Wix. You’re going to have to work with either a freelance designer or web firm to figure out the best way to build your site. I would use WordPress because it gives customers the ability to continue making changes to the website without going to a freelancer or firm, but that’s just me.

Whatever CMS (Content Management System) you end up using you are going to be looking a quite a few hours of work. This site isn’t something that can be thrown up in a week or so. You’re going to go through multiple exchanges in the design and functionality. There’s going to be hours of testing the backend and ordering systems. It’s not a small project, and no one should treat it as such. So how much should you spend on your website? My estimate for a project like this will always take at least 90 days and approximately $5000-$6000.

Templated Sites

Now let’s say you’re a barbershop and you want a presence on the internet. You have a logo design and brand already established. You have a good idea of how you want the design of your site to look. You may have even seen a website design that you wish to your layout to be similar to in appearance. That means the designer or firm can use a template to build your site.

These types of build typically have a pretty quick turnaround and don’t take a lot of customization. There might be some things you may want that will most likely be able to be done through a plugin. So how much should you spend on your website? My estimate for a project like this will be around 30 days and approximately $1,000-$2,000.

Custom Templated Sites

Now say you’re an Auto Shop, and you want a relatively simple site, but you need customers to be able to schedule their service times. Doing this a little more complicated because there is quite a bit of development and testing involved in creating a self-sustaining calendar system that updates and notifies customers and employees.

Utilizing a template for the more straightforward parts of the site allows more focus on the development of the calendar system. While there will be a bit of time for testing and development, other parts of the site will be built a lot faster. So how much should you spend on your website? My estimate for a project like this will be around 60 days and $3,000-$4,000.

Now keep in mind these are my estimates on how much should you spend on your website and that based on the expertise and skill of the designer or firm you go to, they may vary in prices. You’re always going to want to meet with multiple designers and firms to find someone that has the time for your project, the skills, and is a good fit with your company overall.

Do you need a website designed at a reasonable price? You can contact me and I can tell you exactly how much should you spend on your website.

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