5 Signs Your Website Needs Redesigning.

Are you worried that your website needs redesigning? A recent study by Blue Fountain Media found that 81% of users think less of a brand if the site is not up to date. The same study also found that 39% would think twice about using a brand’s product or service if the site is not fresh, user-friendly, and current. Here are five signs your website needs redesigning.

You Are Embarrassed To Give Customers Your URL.

In the modern world, your website is going to be the first interaction that a potential customer will have with your business. If you don’t like looking at your site, think about what the client is thinking. If you feel that way, then your website needs redesigning as quickly as possible.

Your Site Is More Than 5 Years Old.

There is not a set rule that says how long a website should last, but technology, best practices, and Google’s site ranking are always adapting. If you want to have a website that appears relevant and show up in google’s search results, then your older site probably needs redesigning.

Your Site Is Not Responsive or Mobile Friendly.

Over 50% of site traffic comes from mobile devices, and Google is now basing site ranking off mobile visits. So, if you have a different site for mobile or a desktop site that isn’t responsive, it makes more sense to start new with a mobile-first approach. It’s much easier than making your website mobile-friendly after the fact.

Your Site Is Not Delivering Traffic, Leads, and Conversions.

If you have seen a substantial dropoff in traffic and leads then, it’s clear your site’s visitors aren’t finding what they need. Huge dips in traffic on your website is concerning and is a sign your site needs redesigning as soon as possible to drive traffic back.

Little Changes Are Hard Or Impossible To Make.

Updating small things on your site like events, product descriptions, or adding a blog should be easy enough for anyone on your staff. It is a significant problem if the platform you site is built on makes things hard or requires a third party to update simple things. You should consider redesigning on a CMS (Content Management System) that is easier to use and more user-friendly.

If you don’t believe these signs don’t describe your site, but still want to make improvements. Here are some worthy updates you might consider:

  • Update your SEO
  • Replace stock photography
  • Improve your marketing efforts
  • Upgrade to HTTPS

If you are interested in a website redesign contact me here.

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